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Cake and Snow Banks

Hi everyone!

I wasn’t going to blog again tonight but just had to share my night. I’ve been taking a cake decorating course at NAIT for the past couple weeks. The class is just an introduction course in decorating so I found that it briefly covered a variety of topics – since there are thousands of techniques in baking and we could only cover a handful of them in class. While I would have liked a bit more depth related to some topics, I still really enjoyed the class and walked away with a lot of new skills or ideas for things to try on my own. I will definitely be blogging about some of the recipes we made in the class in the coming weeks!

Vanilla Sponge Cake with Buttercream

Tonight, for the last night of the course, we were working with fondant and decorating our final cake with various techniques we had practiced throughout the past couple weeks. Finally, after finishing my cake (which I had now worked on for 1.5 classes) it was time to walk to my car. For those of you from Edmonton, you are aware of the blizzard we had today. So, of course, while trying to walk to my car, through the snow, in heels and balancing my purse, baking supplies and cake… I slipped on the ice and fell right into a snow bank with the cake landing on top of me (I guess better than me landing on top of the cake?). The situation was so ridiculous that I just couldn’t help but burst out laughing while awkwardly trying to get out of the snow bank. Since I didn’t have a chance to photograph my creation yet, I was ready to snap a photo of a smushed cake. The cake, however, managed to make it through the fall with more grace than I did and came out largely undamaged.

Now it’s time for me to go try a piece. Good night!

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