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Kitchen Skills 1 – Day 2

The second day of Kitchen Skills 1 proved to be great just like the first!

The class focused on making fancy sandwiches. If you’ve been to high tea, you know exactly what I mean – those cute little sandwiches, cut into appetizing, geometric shapes. We used our newly acquired mayo-making skills to whip up a few varieties of mayo for our sandwiches (dill-lemon and garlic-dijon) and after some demonstrations were let loose to create our own fancy sandwiches.

Next we used our handmade Caesar dressing from last class to make the most delicious chicken Cajun wraps. We pan fried the chicken to let it brown nicely on the outside and let it finish in the oven. A great tip we got on determining the doneness of meat without having to probe with a meat thermometer is to use the finger test.

Last thing we did was make a tasty olive tapenade. Let me just say that I almost never bring sandwiches to work – they are like a boring, last resort lunch for me. But, thanks to this delicious olive tapenade I’m looking forward to my sandwich lunch tomorrow!

Yup it was a great second class of Kitchen Skills and I can’t wait for the third (and sadly last) class on Tuesday.

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