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Kitchen Skills 1 – First Day

Since I love taking cooking and baking classes, I registered a while back to take Kitchen Skills 1 at NAIT. The Kitchen Skills series is a set of 5 courses which takes you through from basic knife skills to sauces to meats (with a bunch of stuff in between). To be honest, the first course did not sound very appealing to me. It covers knife skills, dressings and cold appetizers – how hard can it be to chop some stuff and make a sandwich? Well… yesterday was the first class and I completely loved it!

Here is an overview of some things that were covered:

We quickly covered some basic knife skills and standard cuts (a lot of carrots, celery and leeks were hurt in the process).

We used a chiffonade cut on some lettuce and tried our hand at fluting mushrooms…

I cannot emphasize enough the difference a good quality knife makes and can’t wait to go buy a new high quality chef’s knife and sharpening stone after this class. Tip for anyone looking for a new knife: a sign of a good quality knife is that the blade runs through the entire length of the knife (ie. through the handle).

We learned a handy trick to use a spoon to remove the skin off ginger – so much easier than using a paring knife!

And my absolutely favourite part of yesterday’s class…. was making mayo from scratch! It was so easy and surprisingly satisfying. Why would anyone buy mayo when you could just whip it up so quickly. I love knowing what’s in the food I’m eating and knowing it is completely free from those gross preservatives. And even though I am not generally a huge fan of mayo in general, my mind couldn’t help racing through different variations I could make at home (chipotle mayo mmmm).

Then, with a few simple additions, we turned our mayo into delicious Caesar dressing. Ok, I know it looks completely boring in these photos, but I promise it was great – filled with capers, anchovies and parmesan!

Overall, day 1 was a success. I am loving the course and the instructor is awesome. I definitely recommend it to any foodies out there. Are these any cooking classes that you guys have taken and loved?


2 comments on Kitchen Skills 1 – First Day

  1. Tasha
    January 20, 2013 at 10:59 am (2462 days ago)

    Fine julienne looks like it takes some good knife-wielding skills! Was it time-consuming?

    • Genia Rodnyansky
      January 20, 2013 at 11:33 am (2462 days ago)

      Not too time consuming – mostly it just takes a good sharp knife.


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