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Kitchen Skills 1 – Last Day with Canapés

I’m sure no one will be surprised to read that the last day of Kitchen Skills 1 was amazing! We learned how to make many different kinds of canapés. Since I didn’t even know what a canapé was until this class…let me explain.

Canapés are bite-size appetizers which are generally made with a base (bread, crackers, pita chips), a spread (flavoured butter, cream cheese, mayo), the main (smoked salmon, veggies, etc.) and a garnish (capers, dill, caviar). There is a strong focus on not only taste but also presentation with canapés. Basically they are tiny snacks that make you feel like you’re at a fancy party!

So here are the things we made:

Smoked salmon on rye bread with lemon-dill mayo, garnished with fresh dill and lemon rind

I love smoked salmon (and basically all seafood) so these were probably my favourite of the night – nothing too crazy but absolutely delicious!

Chicken roulades with cranberry onion relish

To make the roulade you basically just pound out a chicken breast until it is very thin, sprinkle with spices and whatever else you want to add and roll it up like a pinwheel. After its cooked, slice up into bite-size pieces and top with relish. I love the contrast in colour that the garnish provides plus these guys were really good too!

Greek salad in cucumber cups

These were so fresh and light! I feel like I can just keep eating them all day. I think I will actually be making some tonight for a party…

Prosciutto-wrapped melon

Again this one is super simple but very fresh. The pairing of good quality prosciutto (if you’re in Edmonton, I recommend going to the Italian Centre Shop for your supply) and ripe melon can’t be beat.

Triangular toast points with curry cream cheese, topped with pickled ginger and capers

These had a great spicy taste to them and making the curry cream cheese made the whole room smell amazing!


I’m always surprised at how combining so few simple ingredients can make such a delicious snack – so good!

Overall, I’m sure you guys all know that I loved the Kitchen Skills 1 class since it has been dominating my blog for the last little while. But, seriously, it really was great! I learned tonnes about presentation and came away with so many ideas and recipes to try at home. I can’t wait to have friends over for high tea or fancy appetizers now. The instructor was also fantastic (Erin Howe). I’ve taken a bunch of courses at NAIT in the past few years and she was probably my favourite instructor to date. She was so friendly and enthusiastic about the class and gave the students lots of tips, tricks and ideas outside of the regular class material. My only regret is that I’ll be working out of town when Kitchen Skills 2 is offered so I will have to wait until the fall to take it.

In the meantime, I have registered in a few courses which will be happening later in winter and I’ll be sure to post about those too. Does anyone have any other cooking or baking course recommendations in the Edmonton area?


3 comments on Kitchen Skills 1 – Last Day with Canapés

  1. Rosalie
    January 27, 2013 at 1:27 am (2456 days ago)

    The Greek salad cucumber cups you served were amazing!!! (no surprise :) )

    • Sean Ouimet
      January 29, 2013 at 8:05 pm (2453 days ago)

      I really enjoyed them too! I also whipped up a batch the next day to take over to a friend’s house for lunch. I hope Genia decides to post the recipe here in the future :)

    • Genia Rodnyansky
      January 30, 2013 at 7:22 am (2453 days ago)

      Thanks, Rosalie! Glad you liked them.


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