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Valentine’s Day

Hello hello!

How was everyone’s weekend and Valentine’s day? I had a loooong week at work. I had to work a full day on Saturday and don’t even get Family Day off – sad times! However, I had the best Valentine’s day!

Cute balloon that Sean surprised me with in the morning:

It seems like a lot of people really hate Valentine’s day. If you’re single on the day you often end up feeling bad about it, and if you’re in a relationship you feel an expectation to buy extravagant gifts and celebrate in some elaborate way or risk your significant other thinking that you just don’t love them enough;) It’s really easy to get sucked into the consumer driven side of Valentine’s day: buying flowers, chocolates, even diamonds to show someone you care on a day when everyone else is doing the same thing. Well me and Sean are definitely not into exchanging extravagant gifts (unless you count my balloon as extravagent). But I think that if you keep in mind that Valentine’s day is all about showing love to the people you care about most, you end up really enjoying it. It’s the perfect day to spend time with those you love, whether it’s your significant other, your family or your best friends.

Since the best gift for me is always getting to spend quality time together, me and Sean had decided to celebrate Valentine’s day by taking a cooking class at NAIT together. It seemed like the perfect way to spend the evening since we’re both such foodies at heart. The Valentine’s day class was the first of NAIT’s new monthly cooking night out classes. These classes feature more of a social aspect – you’re encouraged to bring your significant other, friends or family and after you make your inevitably delicious meal you can sit down and enjoy it together with everyone.

The class was an absolutely amazing way to spend Valentine’s day!

We walked into the classroom to find a charming table set up where we would enjoy our dinner. There was one cooking station for each couple and laid out on each station was a bouquet of flowers and a cute basket filled with cupcakes, exquisite chocolates (from Jacek) and homemade bacon caramels (from The Infinite Yums). The instructor, Erin Howe, who we loved from Kitchen Skills 1, clearly went out of her way to make sure the night was perfect.

I’m sure you’re wondering about what delicious things we made that night… so here they are:

For the appetizer, we made red wine fig compote and served it with goat cheese on baguette bread toasted with olive oil. We garnished with fresh thyme which really complemented the compote. Throughout the night we worked a lot with premium olive oils from Evoolution and I was really impressed with the flavour of these oils – I’ll definitely be making a trip to 104th to pick some up soon.

For the entree, we made a perfect pork tenderloin, wrapped in bacon. We paired it with shiitake mushroom risotto and roasted carrots. Since I don’t usually eat pork, I really enjoyed trying something a bit different and learning how to remove the silver skin from the meat to make sure it was extra tender and tasty.

For dessert, we whipped up a decadent chocolate raspberry mousse. We used a mould to shape the mousse, and covered it with ganache for a silky, smooth appearance.

When everything was finished, we enjoyed our meal with a glass of red wine. The night couldn’t have been more perfect. I completely loved this class and the whole idea behind the cooking night out classes - just ask my friends, I’ve been ranting about how awesome the class was since Thursday night! We had a great time, learned some new skills, ate delicious food, drank delicious wine, got tonnes of leftovers and got spoiled with flowers, chocolates and caramels. Who could complain about that? So, if you’re looking for something fun to do with a group of friends, your boyfriend or even for a first date, consider one of these classes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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