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Mountains and Granola

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I spent the weekend in the mountains (which is why there was no usual weekend post). Sean took me to Jasper National Park as a congratulations gift for passing the UFE (giant, horrible accounting exam) in December (we couldn’t get away until now).

We stayed at the Overlander Mountain Lodge. It was our second time staying at this hotel and we absolutely love it. The view from our hotel room was gorgeous!

We spent the weekend snow-shoeing, building snowmen and just relaxing.

Ok now let’s talk food. First of all we had several great dinners (which I will probably blog about later). Second of all… what goes better with snow shoeing and hiking in the mountains than granola!

This is another recipe from Oh She Glows. I feel like I’ve been obsessed with her blog lately. Everything is easy to make, healthy and delicious… just like this buckwheat granola.

The granola is made without oats and with buckwheat instead. Ok, right off the bat I have to tell you guys that I used to hate buckwheat as a kid, so I was skeptical. However, I only recently found out that raw buckwheat groats are different from buckwheat kasha (which is toasted and has a strong, nutty taste). I realized that buckwheat kasha is what I really don’t like. The raw groats are actually quite pleasant and made a delicious granola.

I love that this granola uses almond pulp, leftover from making almond milk. I used home-made applesauce in mine as well as honey to sweeten (instead of coconut nectar). I also used coconut sugar. This was my first time using it and I loved it. It had a great, caramel-like flavour to it and was less sweet than granulated sugar.

Overall the granola was great and delicious with almond milk or yogurt. Give it a try :)


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