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Entremets and Confectionary at Ferrandi (Month 3)

Time at school is flying by. When I stop to think about how few weeks we have left, I get a little bit sad. We’ve learned so much in the last few months but yet we are still complete newbies in the field of pastry. During our FERRANDI orientation, we were told that to become a good pastry chef, we would need 10 years of professional experience. If we happen to be exceptionally gifted, we might be able to shave off a few years. Despite the fact that I’ve been baking at home for years, making pastry professionally is entirely different and most days I feel like a complete beginner. Plus, Paris is a city filled with unbelievable culinary and pastry talent. There are famous pastry chefs whose names are on magazine covers, who have decades of experience and whose beautiful shops are scattered throughout the city. Their work is half art, half pastry. It is inspiring, constantly reminding me of how much I have yet to learn and getting me excited for what is to come.

Now, onto what we learned in the third month at FERRANDI!

We started by working on entremets.

entremets – a dessert which consists largely of components which are soft, such as cream, mousse, custard, etc. It can be presented in the form of a cake, such as one made up of layers of creams with different flavours or textures (ie. Black Forrest cake) or can be an entirely flourless dessert such as a crème brûlée.

Here is a selection of some of the entremets we made:


(chocolate and raspberry)

Feuille d’Automne

(meringue and chocolate mousse)



(raspberry, pistachio and vanilla)


(coffee, creme brûlée, orange zest)

San Marco

(chocolate and pistachio)

Soleil Indien

(caramel, pear and cognac)

After entremets, we moved on to confectionary. I felt like a small child that week, giddy with excitement. I had wanted to try making marshmallows, pâte de fruits, nougat and caramels for so long but had somehow not gotten around to it (I blame those 3 years of working as an accountant ;) ). I could barely wait! Plus these were the first things we made at pastry school that I could actually ship to my friends and family back home.

Pâte de fruits



(My awesome partner and I made white, verbena-lime marshmallows – so delicious. Our class split into two’s to make the marshmallows, with each group picking their own marshmallow flavour and colour.  We then traded to taste them all!)


(almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts)


(salted butter caramels)

Ok hopefully that wasn’t too many food photos for you guys!

Another thing which was a big focus during the third month at FERRANDI was making our internship “wish list.” But, since the internship is such a huge component of our training, one of my next few posts will be dedicated entirely to detailing how the internship selection process works at FERRANDI.

Until next time!

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